Thursday, February 11, 2010

two: makeup inspiration for the week + things i love thursday!

Yes! Second Entry!

So basically, i love makeup. especially the "no-makeup/thick lashes/red lipped" look. as much as i adore edgy makeup looks (one that my really good friend Elaine is just so good at--not to mention she looks amazing with it on), i really can't pull them off, so i just stick to my neutrals and winged eyeliner.

but for this week, i'll be choosing a dark sexy look given by beyonce.

Beyonce's smokey eye with a not-so-nude lip is just gorgeous. not to mention her skin looks flawless. as almost cliche as it is to choose a celebrity, i did. just because i wanted to. :)

seriously, i love her look.

Things i love thursday time!

photography. as strange as it is, stoichiometry. chemistry. gastronomy. makeup blogs. blogsales. makeup. makeup artistry. stila cosmetics. benefit cosmetics. too faced cosmetics. urban decay. dollface cosmetics. shu uemura. days with the lord. my school. intrams--at least the one in my school. facebook. multiply--for the online sellers. etude house. anna sui. Canon cameras. DSLR's. my canon g10. strange people. blazon. being management editor! UP--though, i'm not a student, yet ;)

dark tinted lipsticks/stains. peachy and deep blushes. (actually, i don't mind spending for my makeup. it's an investment).cheap, good quality mascaras. skin care.

well, that's that for now! thanks for dropping by :)

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