Thursday, February 11, 2010

three: my leeming list!

so, this is my third entry :)

in this entry, i'll be talking about my "leeming" list. i don't really keep a list, cause i think that my addiction makes me just want everything that i know is actually of good quality, but then again, i've always wanted to try writing one of these. so this is my take on it:

1.) Canon EOS 7D
-i love this camera, though i really hate that it has the capacity to shoot videos: my opinion is that SLR's shouldn't have a video function. you have a point and shoot, it has a video function, use it. people with SLR's should be seriously intended to use it for photography. not stupid little froofy-looloo pictures. just cause it's macro doesn't make it a good picture. also, if you're just gonna put your camera on Auto, or Program, why the heck did you get it if you don't know how to use it to it's fullest potential? you're wasting money and it's annoying how you flaunt it just cause you have the money.

sorry for the quick rant, but yes, that is definitely my number one. i'll be getting it next year (as soon as i can buy the body, and the lens i wanted)

2.) Etude House things
-i've tried this brand before, and it's pretty okay. their skin care works well with me, so i wanna keep buying.

3.)More things from Stila
- i love stila, and my goal is to like, own everything from stila :))
i wanna buy some of their brushes. will do a review on some of their stuff soon, promise!

4.) Urban decay things
- urban decay is the absolute winner, of course. and i can't wait to purchase a few things from them >:)

5.) More Letraset Markers
-now, i'm no big time graphic artist or whatever, but still. i do invest on these things. i'm not the type who buys these markers just because it's cool to look at (unlike some people i know :-"). i don't just decorate my planner with it--i don't even let it touch my planner. it's 4k, it's not worth it just cause you like it and think it's pretty.

6.)DA pro camera bag
-this bag is seriously amazing, i'll be purchasing this along with my 7D >:)

7.) Lancome Mascaras
-need i say more? their mascaras work well on me, and i don't mind spending the extra 1000 for nice looking lashes.

8.) MAC Pro Laptop
-actually, i'm okay if i don't get it.

9.) Heated Eyelash Curler
-i've always wanted to try one :-"

10.) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
-it's a classic :>

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