Thursday, February 11, 2010

one: introductions?

Blog number one!

congrats to me, for finally making one of these, haha!

so basically, this blog is just my daily/weekly musings on anything and everything ranging from makeup reviews, rants on whatever, and so on.

so for a little background on me:

name: denise
ethnicity: chinese, filipino, spanish (and part friggin mexican)
height: around 5'1"?
skin type: normal
skin tone: yellow-based (warm) and light
hair color: dark brown
hair type: curly/wavy
interests: writing, cooking, music, makeup, reading, sleeping, all that good stuff.

so yeah, that's basically about me :)

i'm still a student, so that's another thing. for more info about me, please check out my DA: for my photography and awesome stuff :)

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