Saturday, February 20, 2010

four: thoughts on photography and an update :)

hey everyone!

thanks for dropping by on my little blog :)

i know i haven't been able to post a few entries recently, life's been pretty busy, so yeaaaah.

so lets start on my thoughts on photography.

on my deviantart, i've posted an entry on my thoughts on photography as well--being the
photography lover i am. i'm no pro, don't get me wrong, i just have my own principles on it.

on one note, i love all good photos. it doesn't have to be shot with a DSLR (seeing as i take pretty okay photos without one, sample photos below). you can go read that blog entry over there, on my DA.

i do not edit my photos (at least, not the recent ones i've taken and posted on DA, the oldest onesare the ones i've edited--badly, take note. i'll probably delete those, haha!) just watermark, since i don't want people stealing my photos.

here are a few :)

for more pictures, please check out my DA. be sure to comment!

OKAY. as for the update, i'll be posting in a few days, pictures of my rather large haul, and some reviews! yay!

please tune in for that ;)

it's most exciting.

that's it for now, thanks for dropping by!

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