Friday, March 19, 2010

seven: project....pan

hey there! 

i've finally come back with an update! i know that i posted my haul and review list, but before that, i am going to post my "project: pan" list!

i know a lot of people know about the movement/project. it was started by a youtube guru called lollipop26, where she named it "project 10 pan". and the basic objectives of the project is to finish up your makeup--and you can't buy anymore until you've finished up your makeup. usually, when this project is done, you usually include the products you've already "hit pan" on, so that's what i'm doing today!

now, usually you count them per item, but in my case, since i have multiples in the same category, i just decided to make it per category instead of just counting them alone. and plus, i'm not limiting myself to that many things, i just wanna finish :))

in my current project, i have three categories which are as follows:

1.) setting powders/foundations/concealers (basically, all face products)
2.) mascara 
3.) lip stuff

now i just have three since these are the products that i have the most of right now. so i have the most intention to finish up these products. 

enough dilly-dally! lets get on to the products!

Setting Powders/Foundations

1.) Maybelline Clear Smooth shine-free face powder in Natural

- i actually really like this powder. i don't have a lot of drugstore items, but this is something that i'm gonna keep going back to. aside from being cheap, it's easily accessible and it works nicely on my normal skin. i apply this using a brush, not the puff that it comes with, just to give me a sheer, light finish. being that my skin is the normal skin type, too much foundation or powder CAN make you look really cake-y. and plus, i'm young--only 16, so it's not good for me to use too much either, even though it claims that it doesn't clog your pores.

2.) TheBalm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder

 (i'm sorry, it's upside-down, haha!)

In any case, i also love this powder. this has less coverage than the Maybelline, but it works just as fine. though it doesn't give me as strong of a matte look, as compared to the Maybelline, it keeps me dewy and sets my makeup nicely.

3.) TheBalm TimeBalm Concealer 

 - this, by far is my HG concealer. i have tons of concealer, i have the E.L.F. Studio Line Corrective Concealer quad thing, i have the Dollface (coastalscents) 15 piece concealer palette, but either way, this is my most favorite cream concealers. i prefer cream concealers just because they're a lot more bang for your buck, at least in my opinion. and they're a lot more pigmented and concentrated as compared to liquid or powder. i love the opacity of this concealer, it brightens, lightens, conceals (even redness!). it's perfect in my boks--plus, i've had it for a YEAR, and look, that's how much pan i've gotten (refer to the last picture).

4.) TheBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer

- i'm sorry, but is it obvious that i LOVE TheBalm? though pricey as their products are, they're really worth your while. and plus, the pin-up packaging is just the cutest. the bronzer is great, i love using it as a contour powder, as well as an eyeshadow. it's great when paired up with the blush on it's right, a peachy-pink blush with gold shimmer (a super wonderful ORGASM dupe!). i love pinks and browns <3
5.) Ellana Minerals Pure Blend 2-in-1 Concealer and Foundation in Peach Coffee Shake

- i don't wear foundation (at least i try not to) but DANG. i love this stuff! it's supposedly "heavy coverage" since it's both concealer and foundation, but i like to use just a pea sized (NOTE: A TINY ASS PEA. AS IN LIKE A PINCH) amount then use this to set my whole face and neck. and it keeps me dewy all day. it's not gonna give you a matte look, but it's gonna keep you from looking oily and making you get dark (which is what happens when you get oily, the dirt clings to your oil, making you get darker, major ew). i will definitely repurchase as soon as i finish all my powders. i love this one the most. it's just that it's really messy. :(
6.) Skin79 BB Diamond Collection The Prestige Beblish Balm

- first off, i apologize for the dirty cap. i haven't had the chance to clean it :( 
ANYWAY, i like this stuff, not love, but like. i just use one pump for my whole face and neck, it's rather thick, and what i noticed is that it's  a dewy finish--like most bb creams. it's okay, really. i won't really review it, since i'm planning to make a review on this.

and that's it for face products!

Lip Products

1.) E.L.F. Candy Shop Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb
(major pan-age right there)

- i love this stuff, i've only had this for a month. and i'm gonna finish this. for sure.

2.) Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Treatment in Clear

- it's not very clear--i know, it's cloudy, and that's cause of the lipsticks it's been mixed with :\
but, this product is good if you like reducing the appearance of the lines on your lips, being that i have rather full lips, i have tons of lines, and this just makes my lips look a lot smoother. :)

and that's it for lip products!


1.) Rimmel Eye Magnifier Mascara in 001 Black
- really good if you want fat-FAT lashes. like obese lashes. srsly.

2.) Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in Brown Black

- a constant favorite :)
3.) Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
- great for natural, curled lashes :D
and that's it for project: pan! here are just a couple of other items i've hit pan on, but aren't part of the project (yay for finishing makeup!)

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